The Future

5 min readDec 20, 2021


Last week I posted the genesis story of this project as a Medium article, now I would like to introduce you to The Future.

I’ve had some more time to think and sketch the plan I would like to achieve with this token and project. Some thinking, adding and scraping.
This was never meant to be a money grab, hence why liquidity and treasury where locked on release day. Also, I’m probably too honest and I have bought 0 (zero) coins from my own project. I don’t earn anything from this, but will also never (be able to) dump on you.

I think that, in the first half, I need to prove myself. Prove that I’m going to do what I’ve said I’ll do and work and show regular updates. “When Marketing?” well … It’ll come but not in the initial stage.

I’ve set up a donation address on the site, so if you want to support directly, it’s there you should throw a dollar to. I’ll be more than happy for next year Q3 when I plan on starting releasing treasury to the DAO, you’ll decide I’ve earned part of it as payment/for expenses/ …


2021 Q4
✔️ SNAPSHOT of early supporters
⬜ Potential partnerships
⬜ Snapshots

2022 Q1
⬜ Coingecko & CoinMarketCap listing
⬜ Initial Alpha release of WassieFight
⬜ Additional updates on WassieFight
⬜ WassieFight NFTs drop to early supporters (Ground Crew / FirstHundred / NYE2021)
⬜ Re-lock of the treasury (50% of circulating supply) with vested release of 0.5%/month starting in Q3 2022
⬜ Potential partnerships

2022 Q2
⬜ Continues updates on WassieFight
⬜ First WassieFight Tournament
⬜ Release of initial DAO website with first functions (testphase)
⬜ Contract and wallet ownership move to DAO contract
⬜ WassieFight NFT drop to current supporters
⬜ Potential partnerships

2022 Q3
⬜ Release of more features on DAO site and contract
⬜ First release of treasury (10 million $BRAH), DAO decides usage or relock
⬜ Beta of WassieFight
⬜ WassieFight Beta NFT drops

2022 Q4
⬜ Unlock of Liquidity, DAO decides what to do with it.


As you can see, I’ve drawn up a whole roadmap of what I should be able to achieve. I’d rather underpromise and overdeliver than overpromise and underdeliver. So we’ll see when we can check things off but I’m fairly confident in this timeline.

I’m going to take a few snapshots along the way to reward the early supporters. Partly because of the slow start, partly because it feels right to do.
A snapshot has been taken NOW, one will be taken on New Years Eve midnight (UTC+1) and one when we reach 100 holding accounts (excluding liquidity contract and locker contract).

Those will each receive special NFTs in Q1


WassieFight will be the core of the project going further. This is going to be a 2D fighting game in the style of Monkeys With Guns by VimLark.

I really like the artstyle, gameplay and core concept of that game and I think I can pull it off in Godot, enhancing my skills on the way.

WassieFight will focus on Wassies big and smol, frog and platypus, and every degenerate fridgemix in between. Cute and mongrel, all will fight it out in online multiplayer free for all where only one will be crowned a winner in each game. The starting point for the Alpha will be a 2–4 player game, but I would like it to branch out to a crazy situation, so more players might be possible.

Once the game development progresses and Treasury Unlocks start happening, the DAO in charge of the funds will be able to vote where the treasury goes to. Will it be distributed to winners of battles (Play to Earn), will it be pooled as rewards for tournaments/events, or will it be airdropped to certain NFT holders or token holders? The DAO will decide!


You will all be the DAO. Everyone who holds a single $BRAH will be able to vote on the future of the project.

At first I’ll make a web portal where you can vote on menial things. Cosmetics in the game, level backgrounds, etc.

But I want to flesh it out so we can start doing more intricate votes and participation as we get closer to Q3, where it’ll be important to participate because the treasury will start unlocking at that time.

From that point on, I’ll be able to set votes and propose changes, but so can you in the DAO. There will be a minimum $BRAH needed to propose things, but never a minimum to cast your vote.


I’m going to try working on partnerships. When I’m not coding the game or web portal, or discussing the art and cosmetics/rewards for the NFTs, I’ll be shitposting in Inversebrah style on twitter. Who knows who I’ll meet along the way. Some I’ve talked to but still need to DM, others should seriously read their DMs…

I’ll be coming from a point of no monetary incentive. Not for me nor for the party that I’m discussing partnerships with. And that’s a whole next level of freedom. Because that way, partnerships are based on trust, work and a shared look at how the future should be shaped.


Sorry for the moonboys who will come along “when marketing”, “when exchange” or even “when moon”. We’ll all have to make it ourselves. And if that doesn’t turn out to be a whole lot, you’ll only have yourself to thank.

I want to learn solidity and improve in python/godot. That’s my task, that’s my idea, that’s my path. If, along the way, I create something that gives people pleasure, something which they enjoy… That’s icing on the cake.
If we can take it further and create a positive, engaging and altruistic DAO; that would be the cherry on top. I’ll know my work is done once the game is stable and all points are finished. Then, again, it’s up to the DAO to continue giving me the mandate of this project, or taking over the project and deciding the path from there.

It’ll be a long path and a game/art/marketing is not all done in one day.
The journey might be long and hard, but the destination is well worth it!

I’ll keep regular updates on the game and on the plans for the DAO.