Public Alpha Release 1

5 min readFeb 12, 2022


We’re finally here! The first public Alpha release of WassieFight!

It’s been quite some two months for me, I can tell you that much!
From a meme/joke token, but wanting to actually do something with it, to the first release of what will later be a real game!

Yes, it might be less than you expected from all the time I’ve had to work on it; but you probably should consider that a LOT of the work was in the planning, structuring, underlying code and mechanics that aren’t that visible yet.
A simple single player game could probably be done a lot quicker, but Multiplayer needs a lot of extra work in the backend.

Also, don’t think I’ve forgotten that this is also going to be a DAO. That requires some planning too, plus the smart contract + webportal to it.
And of course the NFTs…

I have not been slacking off and most background things will pay off in the longer run and will become visible soon(tm).


So, as you already know, WassieFight will be a multiplayer Brawler game.

Mario Smash Bros Brawl — Nintendo

You’ll get to slap other Wassies around and kill them. This way you’ll be earning points in a ranking system, growing your prestige*
In the final version it will feature a free-for-all in instanced servers with 4 to 8 players. You’ll also be able to use guns* and other weapons* to increase the range/power of your attacks.

Monkeys With Guns — Vimlark

Some items will be in game pickups, but some will be linked to NFTs you currently hold in your linked wallet (player-profile)*

What where those NFTs again?

Talking about NFTs, there will be an shop to buy/sell NFTs you earned/got using our $BRAH token. There will be a certain “tax” on all sales, smol but either used for development or burned weekly (DAO decides).
NFTs will feature a certain artwork, but will mainly be used to prove you have a certain skill/powerup/cosmetic for use ingame. You can select which ones you’ll use in a character customization screen in your game client. You can switch it up and change it between any battle.

There have been some snapshots already and there will probably be more in the future. Hold some $BRAH to be sure ;)


This first release as alpha will be a smol one.
I’ve added the most basic features (running, jumping, slapping, dying).
For this first release I have opted to scrap some features that weren’t fully ready yet. The code is there but unfinished and some animations are still missing for them.

0.0.1 is bare bones. But with exactly that intention.
A lot of the work was done on the back end of the whole system, and that will pay off MASSIVELY in the future.

This way you’ll see the game grow as I continue development and experience the growth of the game, the community, the players, …
This also means that there is no player profiles yet. No instanced servers, no ranking system, … That will all be added later.

Why all the back-end work first?
To provide a stable and organised workflow, it’s best to develop multiplayer first. I could have hacked it together, but that would just prolong the time to get other features in and would increase the difficulty as I’d be needing to patch all needed systems in later, making more room for bugs and other problems. This is why I chose to do it like this. Again, this will pay off massively in the future as I can add the features like the should be, not worrying I’d have to re-write a whole portion of the back-end every time.

0.0.1 is just one server, hosting all the lil shids that connect and try to slap each other to death.
This makes for some good stress testing for the game and server, providing me with good logs to see if a free for all with 20+ players would be possible in the future as a special even. Logs are good!

what’s included in 0.0.1?

Render & Scene logic
Input Controle
Player Movement
Multiplayer (Client/Server)
Damage Dealing

Arrowkeys to move
Space to jump (double jump enabled!)
CTRL to slap (stand RIGHT next to it!)
ESC to quit


0.X.X ???

As I’ve mentioned in a tweet, I’ll be keeping a schedule for future updates. For 99% of the features, this should work but I can’t promise that some larger features won’t take up more time. I will off course try to add smoller features in the meantime so the release schedule should keep on track… mostly…


10 days of development
2 days closed testbranch (I will set up a group for this, keep eyes on!)
2 days possible bugfixing/polish

I’ll start the schedule on wednesday so that should lead to a release every other Wednesday, slowly climbing up the version-ladder. Why Wednesday instead of Saturday? Why the extra 3 days in the first cycle?
- Coincides with #WassieWednesday (loomlock) so more visibility for all Wassie Fans!
- Sundays are for my kids thus this schedule gives me time with my family while you guys are testing.
You can expect the next release March 2nd, testbranch February 26th/27th.

The bigger milestones I’m working towards will be

Server Instancing
Player Profile
Avatar customization
Rankings (Site-side Betting on Ranks per “season”)
Password protected servers (tournaments)
Server Controle Tools (tournaments)

Smaller, more immediate milestones include

New map
Power ups

With this, I would like to leave you with the release of
WassieFight 0.0.1 Public Alpha


*= future feature to be implemented