Public Alpha Release 1


So, as you already know, WassieFight will be a multiplayer Brawler game.

Mario Smash Bros Brawl — Nintendo
Monkeys With Guns — Vimlark

What where those NFTs again?

Talking about NFTs, there will be an shop to buy/sell NFTs you earned/got using our $BRAH token. There will be a certain “tax” on all sales, smol but either used for development or burned weekly (DAO decides).
NFTs will feature a certain artwork, but will mainly be used to prove you have a certain skill/powerup/cosmetic for use ingame. You can select which ones you’ll use in a character customization screen in your game client. You can switch it up and change it between any battle.


This first release as alpha will be a smol one.
I’ve added the most basic features (running, jumping, slapping, dying).
For this first release I have opted to scrap some features that weren’t fully ready yet. The code is there but unfinished and some animations are still missing for them.

0.X.X ???

As I’ve mentioned in a tweet, I’ll be keeping a schedule for future updates. For 99% of the features, this should work but I can’t promise that some larger features won’t take up more time. I will off course try to add smoller features in the meantime so the release schedule should keep on track… mostly…



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