How did this happen?

2 min readDec 12, 2021


Since quite some time I have been into crypto. Trading, “investing”, shitposting. The general CryptoTwitter Experience.

That’s where you get to meet the best, ugliest and most hated lifeform of all:

A Wassie by the name of InverseBrah

He is tagged in all matter of silly, stupid and cringe conversations going around on CryptoTwitter. That little shit has the nerve to come out of his fridge and screenshot (mostly NOT INCLUDING ME) that conversation to share with his followers.

But little shid is also what brings many of us on CT together. Sometimes in the form of pure wassie hate, sometimes in friendship found in the bond we all share, wanting little shid not live his life expectancy of 2 weeks.

Little shid sometimes share stuff that isn’t good for him to share and yesterday, the 11th of december 2021… He did it again

0xRacer …
You had an idea an smolting (lil shid) brought it to attention. Look at his greedy eyes and smile with that fat stack under his unwashed flipper!!

But we agree. This phenomena, how little , shitty or …. wassie
It deserves a token.

So I hopped onto Remix, loaded a smart contact I found on github for “simple token”, search:”mint” -> delete that shit!
Name it “InverseBrah” with ticker: “$BRAH”
Supply 100 BILLION!
50% into Liquidity
Lock Liquidity 1 year
Lock remaining 50% as treasury for 2 months (will relock)
Make Twitter
Make Website

Now what?

Now that this token is in the free market, fairly launched, it can grow.

Is that it?
No, I’m going to keep developing this. I was already planning on learning solidity and thought this would also be a great first project.
I did however underestimate what it’ll take to finish what was started.

I don’t think a full featured DAO system can be implemented in the two months I locked the treasury. Hence why I already put it on there, I will relock it for longer OR put an upgradable DAO contract in ownership so it can re-lock the treasury each month for a month until the DAO can start deciding things to do with it. It’ll have to be an upgradeable contract but a DAO can probably decide which parts of code will be added and which will be refused. I’m still working on the details (yea, underestimated. I already said that!).

In between learning solidity and running the socials, I might try to ease the stress with some fun things. What those will be, I don’t know yet but hints are already and will be dropped on the various channels.

Now, … back to the drawing board.
Thanks lil shid, thanks for a fucken awesome way to learn solidity!